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Braided Hose Pipe

Braided Hose Pipe is intended for top pressure applications, it's superior replacement to standard rubber hoses because it is created of PVC, which ends in convenience attributable to lightweight weight and economical in use. Its superior consolidation and adhesion between the braids and covers, as compared to rubber hoses. The hose consists of reinforcement (Braiding) of artificial yarn in between 2 or additional layers of sentimental PVC. The yarn is bolstered in crosswise additionally as longitudinal directions. It’s designed to suit best in tropical climates like Indian, the Gulf and African sub continents. It’s designed to support the below applications.

• Industrial Air Compressors - Air / gas Hoses

• Steel Mills / Metal Casting Units

• Cooling lines of induction Furnaces

• Jack Hammer Hose for Drilling

• Dyes and Chemical Handling

• Bore Well improvement

• Suction and Delivery hose for Mine dewatering

• Heavy Duty Water hose for comes like Thermal Power Plants and different engineering Sites

• Water hose for Plantations

• Marine and ship building

• Diesel and Edible oil handling

• Plastic staple handling

• Vacuum Lines.

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